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Discussione: "Eternia is everywhere art project" - Photos of 80s figures and vehicles Germany

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    "Eternia is everywhere art project" - Photos of 80s figures and vehicles Germany

    Hi Comrades,


    my name is Marlon Schäfer. I am from Germany. I am a hobby artist and MotU 80s fan since childhood. I made a project called "Eternia is everywhere" based on the 80s commercials by Matell. My goal was to search places in Germany and France in order to take pictures of almost every figure and vehicle of the MotU 80s in a natural environment so that the result looks like a place on planet Eternia like we love it and know it by the commercials back-in-the-days.

    I am honoured to have the opportunity to show you my pictures here. I made the pictures of my collection for me but also for sale. You find me in ebay.

    If you are interested I can tell you the background to the pictures.. I donīt know if you like my idea now so I just come up with some examples.
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    As you know Eternia has approximately the same climate as Earth. In my project I tried to mirror this fact. Youcan see a lot of different environments around the figures:

    winter pictures like here Wind Rider

    Forest/Jungle pictures like here: Spikor

    mountain motives like here: Rokkon

    desert motives like here: Gwildor

    Motives with real human things in the background seeming like real like here Man-At-Arms in a machine

    All my pictures come framed with the GPS-Co-Ordinates where the picture was taken
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    Background story: Stridor


    1500 km away from North Italy lies the border of North Germany . This picture was taken on the last piece of Germany on the shore of the Baltic Sea. My wifeīs sister lives there. When we visited her I took some MotUs with me. Stridor and its pilot Fisto (I chose because I took a picture with him alone in my 800 km away home) look like they are watching for threads to Eternia (maybe Mer-Man and his minions) . It was a cold spring day in April 2012 and I was glad wearing my waterproof trousers while taking a picture of Stridor.

    Background Story: Jitsu


    In Germany some people love it to install miniature Japanese temples in their gardens. These "dioramas" are ideal for my project for in the size of the MotU figures they are like real buildings. Near my home is such a great garden and I took the opportunity to do a performance with Jitsu inside such a miniature temple. The result looks like he is inside a real building. These occasions were rare in comparison with the places I found in the nature but some of them I can offer even with the vehicles.

    Background Story: Road Ripper


    I love it when things are mixed. So I tried to man new vehicles with old figures and old vehicles with new figures (with some exeptions on both sides of course). Here is one of my piece-of-art with a "human-background" and an old vehicle with a new pilot. As the name intends "Road Ripper" is meant to drive on a road but how should such a road on Eternia look like? Here is my solution: Red Stone with moos, the place found near the home of my wife in Germany.

    Background Story: Scubattack


    I love rivers and I bought an underwater camera for that purpose in order tp film/take pictures of local fish. In my project it suited my well that I have such a camera. I can also offer 2 underwater motives : "Mer-Man" and "Scubattack". Scubattack was taken in my beloved rivber that runs through my hometown in Germany and the river is called "Saalbach". It was difficult to take a picture underwater but in the end I managed it. Here is the result of a real "Scubattack in action"
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    L'avatar di rapture_77
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    Nov 2012
    It's a really interesting and good project ! I also like to use real backgrounds for my amateur pics

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    Thank you rapture77

    If you like tell me your favourite character or vehicle and I will upload maybe you like it.

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    L'avatar di rapture_77
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    Nov 2012
    mhh maybe Evil-lyn or Teela ?

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    They are both sold but I know that the customers allow it to show the small pictures:-) so yes here they are:


    Near my home there is a small lake and around that lake is a forest with interesting brushwood under the trees. For me it seems that Teela stands deep in the Vin-Jungle on Eternia.



    I travelled to Colone for this motive with my best friend on a cold day in spring 2013. According to the bad Evil-Lyn she stands amog brushwood with great spikes . From her perspective it looks like an evil, unpleasant dark forest she is in.

    I hope you rapture77 and all the other like it:-)
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    L'avatar di rapture_77
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    Nov 2012
    cool pics !

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    Thank you. When I have time this evening I will show you my favourite motive out of my project and my favourite characterīs motiv:-)

    Of course I love all my 87 pictures I took but of course even the artist has favourites:-)

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    One of my favourite motives is Clawful


    In my project I loved it to find "remote places" places which are near to crowded places but neglected. One of this is Clawful. It is in a small brick near the highway A5 in Germany. You know my love for bricks but this was still something special. While the cars and trucks were driving next to me I did this peice of art.

    My favourite character Mekaneck


    All my heroes in my childhood (and now) have to wer blue trousers, I donīt know why:-). In my hometown we have a huge sport activity centre and behind it is a gentle forest which is abandoned and neglected by everyone.everyone but me so I was there taking a picture of Mekaneck, while there was a football tournemant going on just 200 m next to me:-). So fascinating. Mekaneck stands not on a stone but on a giant fungus. I hope you can see.

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    L'avatar di Granamir
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    May 2008
    Welcome to the forum Eterniaiseverywher, great works congratulations!

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    Thank you Granamir:-)For all who may be interested in my work, here is the link to all still available not-sold pictures:

    The first customer from this community doesnīt have to pay shipping and gets one piece of art for free:-)

    I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions contact me.

    Every picture comes with frame, glass, signature, GPS-co-ordinates of the place where it was taken and a surprise inside and is then sold-out for a long time. See picture: IMG_4866.JPG

    Before I forget: Of course I have some Hordak and Snake people pictures left, too Examples:


    Immagini Allegate Immagini Allegate
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    Here are some examples of customers who allowed me to show these pictures of their chosen motives

    A fan bought 9 pictures at once.

    Another hobby artist boght Sorceress (left bottom) and added it to his personal gallery with other arts

    As you can see the master-copies have a red corner in the frame instead of a white corner. It is a code to differ between the (your?) Master Copy and the very original (white) which I did for me.

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    Intentions of mine:

    For me it is my greatest whish to send all my "babies" one time to another fan.

    Some of the figures in my pictures are a remarkable "international patchwork" ... Here are two examples:


    The Weapon-System is from Spain, the figure from the USA, the place where it was taken in Germany, possibly send to Italy: 4 countries:-)


    The Weapon-System is from Spain, the figure from the Germany, the place where it was taken in Germany, possibly send to Italy: 3 countries:-)


    The vehicle is from Germany, the figure from the Germany, the place where it was taken in France, possibly send to Italy: 3 countries:-)

    In the end of course this fact doesnīt matter much for you canīt see it in the picture and not all of my miniatures are such patchwork but still it is a fascinating fact and was a strong motive for me to really work through the 2 years of creating.
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    L'avatar di Granamir
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    May 2008
    Wow!! Great art eternia!! They are awesome! Congratulations!! IT'S THRUE GERMANY IS LIKE ETERNIA! Your country is like a scenario of Eternia or at least good for a fantasy story! I love Germany! THANKS FOR this sharing!

    THE Schwarzwald is like the forests of Eternia or the forest of Whispers of Shera.
    Do you made these pictures in the Schwarzwald?
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    Yes some of them I did. I love Schwarzwald and live near to it. Here are some examples:





    Thank you for your kind words:-)! All other Schwarzwald-motives are sold.
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    L'avatar di Alex Tajalan
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    Feb 2014
    u live near Scharzwald?

    i live IN Schwarzwald :P
    where exactly u live?

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    @Alex Tajalan

    I live in Karlsdorf-Neuthard 20 km north of Karlsruhe. Send me a PM or answer me here. You maybe have the chance to see my collection life . You are really invited. . Let me know:-)
    Are you an Italian or a German? I ask because of the language


    Today I had a long walk with my closest friends and these walks are famous: for deepening the friendship but were also vital for my project. Many of my motives were taken along these journeys like this:-)

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    L'avatar di Alex Tajalan
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    Feb 2014
    hello man
    im italian, and i live in Badenweiler, south of Freiburg (30 mins highway) so we are not that far!

    You know i have a restaurant, why dont you come to visit me so i can offer to you something to eat or drink and then we could talk about motuniverse
    send me a pm, maybe i can add u on facebook or what's up

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    Hi Alex T.

    I sent you a PM I hope you get it:-) Let me know:-)

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    Dragon Walker

    You know besides the motives in a natural environment I was always searching for possibilities to include real human buildings in the background of my piece of art. It was rarely the case when it comes to vehicles but with Dragon Walker and Road Ripper I thin I managed it:-) Here is the first motive available

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    Some of my critics say "Your art is just going outside and put a toy somewhere!". I say no . Yes often I went outside but I had really to search. Granamir said he loves Schwarzwald and yes some pictures are taken there. But still I had to walk long miles to find places of my liking which really "told me" "Iam am the right one":-).

    Here is a good example of a picture, which meant great efforts to make it happen. Furthermore one of my favourite vehicle motives Land Shark


    I never possessed this vehicle but loved it. When I made my project I bought it and had the problem: "How I make you to swim" because my intention was to let it swim in my beloved Saalbach called river through my home. I had to create an artificial island made of styro-foam, paint it the colour of the river and attach it to the vehicle. It was some really hard work and trial and error in my swimming pool before it worked:


    Finally I did it and saved the vehicle from drifting by attaching it on a branch in the stream. :-) I was also very glad that the expensive camera survived this trip:-) for I was standing hip-deep in the water in December (with insulated troursers of course)

    Yours Marlon

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    Great Success! I am so lucky. One of my pictures was chosen by the promoters of a famous Fan-Gathering in Germany: "Greyskull-Con" . Maybe one of you comes too next Weelend (26th-28th)?

    The autograph you can have is by a famous voice, who gave Skeletor its voice in the 80s for the German tapes

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    The Grayskull-Convention 2014 in Moers Germany was a great success!

    - I am so happy I sold 6 of my pictures (one to a fan from the USA:-)
    -the greatest honour was the fact that the Guest-Stars got one of my pictures each aswell

    Two famous voices providing their voices for the 80s German audio cassettes MotU audio-dramas!

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    Porkor,the Italian PugMan L'avatar di homerandrea
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    Apr 2008
    great! happy for you, pal.

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