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Discussione: "Eternia is everywhere art project" - Photos of 80s figures and vehicles Germany

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    Wind Rider

    I am a great fan of the musical genre "Dark Ambient/Drone". Often abandoned places are the motive in the titles. When I look at my Wind Rider motive I can feel (and maybe you too:-) ) the expanding ice-desert all around the vehicle in which Teela sits in relative safety. When you want to know which titles I preferred while choosing my pictures see here

    Two of my favourite tracks by the fabulous artist Rapoon:-)

    I often dream of a customer in hot south Italy or Spain choosing one of my winter motives......

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    Another picture and its background "Laser Bolt"


    On a cold March 2013 my best friend and I travelled to Colone just to take 2 MotU-Photos for "Eternia is everywhere" and I think the 400 km (in total) were worthwhile. Icall this picture non-officially "Laser Bolt on the chilly shores of the Northern Sea on Eternia" . Why? Yes on the first glance it looks like the picture was taken on a beach in Italy or Croatia but then you see the "cold" ambient and yes: it is a shore but not on a beach in your country but on the Rhine under one of Colones many bridges! These "contradiction" plays a big role in this picture:-) and the fact why I am so fascinated.

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    Now every character of Hordack and its comrades are sold. All besides Grizzlor. I just want to tell you the background of this picture, maybe the warroir will find a new home in Italy?:-)
    The picture is situated deep in the Black Forste/Scharzwald. 1999 there was a great storm called "Lothar" and he inflicted gerat destuction in the Black Forest. When you want to see this now you can go to a place called "Lothar-Sight" in which the nature cures itself without human help. You can see old rotten tree trunks there among new healthy trees (grown after 1999). A wonderful and mystic place for "Eternia is everywhere" in which I took pictures of Hordak and Grizzlor.

    The link to the picture.
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    I know Rattlor is very popular with a lot of you and of course I took pictures of every Snake-member, too. As with the Snake-people I tried to mirror the fact, where snakes appear on Earth in my project. You will not see one of these warriors in the snow:-) . But bamboo is a favourite place for snakes and furthermore absolutely cool for a background for the trunks are as big as real trunks for us. Funny thing with this picture: I took it in an Asian Garden near my home and unfortunetely there is some litter everywhere. You can ever see a fraction of a red snippet in the picture but accidentally it lokks like the end of Rattlors tail hidden in the bamboo:-)


    Snake Face

    This cool warrior I have never had as a child. But for the project it was a must-have like all other 87 characters/vehicle. I tokk him with me to a holiday on the Baltic Sea (approx 1000 km from Italy and 2500 km from southern Italy). In the background you can see the cold waves for I took the picture in early 2012. Seeing the picture in close proximity it seems that Snake Face stands guard and is blocking a path through the (once again like Laser Bolt) "Northern Wilderness" of Eternia:-). The intensive colours of the character is corresponding well with the bleak background I think and make him stand out.
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    It's a really beautiful and interesting project

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    Thank you so much for your compliment!


    Inspired by dotuscompliment I tell you something about the Two Bad motive. It was made behind a gas-o-lline-station in southern France. In Germany we dont have those landscapes with intense heat, white rock and dry plants. When I was on an excursion with some of my upils in 2011 ( I am a teacher) I discovered this landscape first. Since that time I wanted to return to the same place in order top take some "Eternia is everywhere" pictures. 2013 I really did in my honeymoon. That is why Two Bad, Roton and Prince Adam motive are three of the most distant to my home:-)

    Two Bad IMG_5044.jpg

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    Important news:

    I re-entered my available pictures in ebay but the description is in English for a better international comprehension. Feel very invited to look again

    Maybe you like it?:-)

    For example you find Saurod


    For this picture I entered a small river near my home. Fascinating about this motive is that it is "super-directly" along a street and still when you once get inside the river you are in a remote/lonely place because the river is overgrown by many trees and brush. I am glad my camera survived it was tough to get the picture but therefore also unforgettable:-)
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    Snout Pout

    Questa immagine exactely 2 anni ora : - ) Ecco perch voglio presentarlo . Qualsiasi appassionati di corse qui su questo sito ? La foto stata scattata nei pressi del " Nrburgring " corso di corsa DTM in Germania . La mia amata moglie un grande appassionato di corse e come regalo di nozze le ho comprato un viaggio in questo luogo . E 'stata una giornata molto bella , ma minuscola fitness dimenticare di prendere un personaggio motu con noi per fare una foto in modo " lontano" da casa mia ( circa 300 km solo andata) . Mi stato assegnato da un posto fantastico " mistica " nei pressi del Nrburgring , dove ho potuto sentire le auto da corsa ad alta voce , ma allo stesso tempo era in un luogo remoto nel bosco intorno al corso di corsa . Ecco perch questa immagine cos misticamente per me .
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    L'acquirente ha permesso che la sua immagine possa essere uploadad : - ) Orkos e Ram - Mans nuova casa . Un villaggio tra Heidelberg e Mannheim , in Germania . Non puoi vedere le mie foto in grande dettaglio , ma io vi caricarli in futuro : - )

    Distinti Marlon

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    Blaster Hawk


    This item is already sold but it can still tell you a lot about my intentions. 1.) I took this picture in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) and because living near to it it has something to do with my childhood memeories. 2.) the vehicle is from England and it travelled a great distance to be taken a picture of 3.) I mixed an "old " pilot with a "new vehicle" cool:-) (cool= from my perspective) 4.) I love small rivers and Blaster Hawk is in the middle of one hardly noticed ba others . 5.) I love fern (plant) since childhood espacially because I dreamed of toys coming alive beneath/among them.

    It goes without saying that this is obne of my favourite verhicle-motives although I love all my 87 pictures equally.

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    I took part in the Amneville Impact toy-Con France yesterday. It was super! 2 pictures of mine found a new home in France : Man-at-Arms and Dragon Walker

    Tonight I write a short summary about the successful convention but first of all here my place in that event:

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    Amneville Impact

    You know I love Dark Ambient/Drone music and that is one reason why I loved it to be in Amneville north-east France. The best expression of this landscape is here. I enjoyed this sight in my smoking breakes:-(


    The festival was all about 80s flair and the location and background did fit. In the second picture you can see a guy in a brown jacket. He made me lucky soon after, buying my Man-at-Arms picture . One hour before the organisator of Amneville Impact bought my Dragon Walker motive:-)


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    Per tutti coloro che dimenticavo : ho cercato di fare il mio progetto " Eternia ovunque " , nel 2003 la prima volta con un amico contadino . 2011 quando ho riavviato il progetto ho preso questa immagine quasi esattamente nello stesso punto , ancora una volta . Un problema ( 2003 e 2011) era la luce . Uso del flash della mia macchina fotografica ha fatto Nionjor brillare come un angelo e lo sfondo nero come la pece . Ho telefonato a mia cugina perch era la sua macchina fotografica che ho usato per chiedere come disattivare il flash e molte immagini dopo ho ottenuto questo risultato . Ninjor uno dei miei primi motivi ma cos importante, perch ho ​​imparato a gestire la fotocamera correttamente per le foto a venire . d e il verde brillante di lui
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    Kobra Khan

    Uno dei miei personaggi preferiti e figure . Ho 2 amici e spesso fare escursioni . In un posto speciale vicino a casa mia c' una formazione rocciosa denominata " Desk Devils " . Si tratta di una pietra molto rossa e ho capito che dovevo fare una foto l per il mio progetto . Cos Kobra Khan stato inviato l . Nel backgeround si pu vedere un molto piccolo albero che cerca di sopravvivere in queste condizioni . Abbiamo tre avuto un sacco di divertimento e, infine, dopo la foto abbiamo riempito il corpo Kobra Khan's con alcol in oder di usare il suo " spray- funzione" , come un modo originale di godere alcool : - ) Purtroppo il fuction non ha funzionato , ma io credo che la cifra " piaciuto a" da utilizzare dopo 25 anni di soggiornare in una soffitta : - ) . Mi piace il contrasto dello sfondo rosso e il verde brillante di lui
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    Battle Ram

    Un piuttosto spartano motivo guardando a prima vista . Ma la seconda vista potrete sperimentare che sembra che il veicolo sta guidando attraverso un canyon su Eternia . Con la nuova figura del muso becco ho realizzato il mio desiderio di mescolare le vecchie figure con veicoli nuovi e viceversa . Ci sono pi un'eccezione per il mio desiderio ( new7new e vecchio / vecchio ), come ho capito , ma questo uno cos . Si vede san ma non fatta su una spiaggia in Italia o Sud Euriope ma su un novembre freddo giorno vicino a casa mia . In questo giorno ci sono altre cose meravigliose che accadono e che si svolgevano quindi considero questo giorno come uno dei miei giorni pi fortunato negli ultimi 5 anni. Quello che mi piace in particolare su questo schema come la vera sabbia e acqua interagisce con il veicolo per aggiungere pi realismo al movente : - )
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    Scrivo nella tua lingua . Forse molti capiscono allora . Whiplash origine nel sud della Germania . Lungo un fiume dove molto mistica , come potete vedere . Provo tutte le cose che ho scritto a voi tradurre in italiano con l' aiuto di Internet , perch un onore per me vendere una o pi immagini per l'Italia

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    E 'importante per me che potete leggere quello che scrivo . Quindi io uso un traduttore internet d'ora in poi

    Distinti Marlon

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